Breakfast and Afterschool Club

Our breakfast and afterschool clubs are run by Chucklebox who provide wrap around care for children who attend Oak Lodge and other local primary schools. 

They run a breakfast club daily from 7.30am and an after school until 6.30pm.
The Chucklebox Out of School Club has been offering successful quality out of school care for over 20 years, catering for the needs and aspirations of children and parents from 3 to 11 year olds.  It was set up as a family business in 1990 and has gone from strength to strength.  They are registered and monitored by Ofsted for each of the many school clubs they operate.
The safety and welfare of the children is paramount to the club.  Fun is important, as is education of life skills through play, encouraging respect and courtesy by return.  The well being of the child is of course our priority.
A meeting to discuss activities, passwords, communication methods (accident and incident books), suitability to the club, rules for the children to encourage social interaction and your child's dietry or cultural needs is necessary prior to registration.  Fire procedures take place once every 6 weeks.
Activites are varied and changed daily.  They encourage social interaction with fun games and assorted organised sports, manual dexterity and imagination with use of construction toys, arts and crafts, books and comics, board games, modelling, cooking, music and drama and supervised free play as well as organised activities.  Sports and games include football, Uni hoc, short tennis, rounders, Kwik cricket, parachute games, obstacle races, skipping, ball fun and drama, to name but a few!
Arts and crafts are based on themes such as the environment, magic, nature, animals and safety week and include dough, junk and clay modelling, drawing and painting, fimo badge making, jewellery, desigining etc.
They endeavour always to encourage and inspire.  They never force the children to do something they would rather not, (except in the case of an emergency).  Supervised free play encouraging interaction and imagination is always part of the flexible timetable whether dry or wet weather.
The children and staff have produced a set of rules.  They ask that you and your child(ren), read and sign these set of rules, in order to encourage children to respect the club policies.
All activities are supervised by experienced staff with an Ofsted ratio of 1:8 for under 8's and 1:10 for over 8's or better.  All staff are DBS checked and registered.  All staff and activities are constantly monitored by the management team. 
Children are collected from school, greeted and marked on the register.  Children are then taken to the club's main base in the school's library.
Communication at the out of school club is very important.  Information from club to parent and vice versa in reference to your child is confidential in relation to incidents and accidents, which must, as well as the signing out book, be countersigned by parents on your child's departure from the club.
Positive feedback from parents is essential as is attentiveness to the children's needs and suggestion on improvements are always welcome. 
Please ask at the school office for further details or alternatively call Chucklebox on 020 8777 0218