House System





At Oak Lodge, we have a strong House system with four houses: Venus (red), Jupiter (yellow), Mercury (blue) and Saturn (green).  All the children belong to one of these house teams and siblings are in the same house. The house with the largest number of team points are rewarded with a special treat.


House Captains for each House are selected from Year 6 and are voted for by the pupils in their house.  We have a boy and girl House Captain and a boy and girl Vice-Captain.  They are expected to be excellent role models for the children in school.  Their duties include handing out the badges and certificates in House assemblies and organising sports teams for inter-house sports events.

The house system is a positive way of valuing children's individual achievements and encouraging a healthy competitive, team spirit, whilst the captain roles provide our children with young leader role models. All of this contributes to the children's wider learning experiences.